Monday, August 15, 2011

Updates as of August 15, 2011 - The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dear friends, family members and yes, even complete strangers, who have helped me and my parents out,

Today is the Feast of the Assumption of the dearest Mother of us all - Mama Mary!

As a thanksgiving to her, and her Son Jesus, and to all of you who have helped me out by showing your love and concern through prayers, donations and support, I would like to update you on how I have been since the operation, through these photos:
This is me at the Philippine Heart Center after my operation. ;-)

Thank you for all your help!
This is me, up and about. Look at how well my scar has healed!
This is me with my Nanay (mother). She is really so selfless in loving me! (Just like Mama Mary loves us all).
Here I am with my Tatay. He even went to work outside the Philippines to help earn money for my operation. Even if we miss him a lot, we know that he loves us! Love you, Tay!
The many faces of "me" ;-)
Again, thank you all so much for your help. I will still be needing your prayers though, my Nanay and Lola are a bit worried about my speech development. I wish I could tell them that I love them very much. Anyway, for now, I also ask for your prayers for my friend, Chino of, who is at the Philippine Heart Center again. 

Please also say a prayer for the other babies like me who were born with heart defects, and were called Home by Papa God, like Sofia, and Chip. I know that they are with Jesus and Mama Mary now, and all the angels in heaven. Please pray for their families too, that they will find comfort, especially in Mama Mary's embrace today.

Thank you everyone! God bless you all!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Please pray for my quick healing!

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for supporting me and my family by your donations, prayers and acts of kindness and love. We still don't have enough money to cover all my operation and post-operation costs, but my doctors decided that I need my open heart surgery ASAP.  So far only P260,000 has been raised, and we still need P215,000 for the operation alone. (This amount will be borrowed from relatives for the meantime). I will be operated on tomorrow (January 20, 2011) at the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City.

My nanay is with me, so I am not that scared. And I know also that Jesus and Mama Mary have been taking care of me ever since I was born with the holes in my heart. All the more reason for me to be brave right?

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, and also to ask for your prayers for a successful operation, and quick recovery. And also, please pray for my parents, and other family members, that God will give them the strength and good health to take care of me.

May God bless you always!


P.S. Thank you to all who supported my cause by attending the 2 benefit concerts for me, and for the many other ways you have contributed to this campaign to show love for me. If you have friends or family members who can help out financially, please do share this blog with them. Thanks again. God loves you!

Novena Prayer for Healing
(pray for 9 consecutive days; different intention every day; but especially effective August 15-23)

Prayer for Healing:

God, like a watchful Shepherd, You care for us. You make the earth yield healing herbs and medicines and give us the knowledge to learn their power. Your creative love continues through the healing hands of doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, and the healing counsel of priests, ministers, and friends.

Bless me, and all who suffer. Our afflictions become a cross that burdens us with fear and uncertainty. Cast out our fear and revive our faith. Give us strength that we may be filled with hope. Let the Holy Spirit come to our aid that we might live each day in the joy for which You fashioned us.

I pray for healing in body, soul, and spirit that I may be Your servant in this world and enjoy the fullness of Your Presence in the life to come. I make this prayer humbly, knowing I cannot restrict or direct Your saving grace. I give joyful thanks for Your compassion wherever I may find it.

I ask all this in the Name of the Lord Jesus Who intercedes before You on my behalf. Amen.

Novena Intentions:

Day 1 (Aug 15): That all who are sick may experience the healing touch of the Lord Jesus.

Day 2 (Aug 16): That all who are ill among my family and friends may be restored to health in mind, body, and spirit.

Day 3 (Aug 17): That all who suffer from mental disease may receive compassionate treatment.

Day 4 (Aug 18): That all the homebound and bedridden may have Christ as their consolation.

Day 5 (Aug 19): That all who suffer from diseases that devastate the body may be granted strength and hope.

Day 6 (Aug 20): That all with disabling handicaps may be blessed with forbearance.

Day 7 (Aug 21): That all doctors, nurses, and other caregivers may be well in body and spirit.

Day 8 (Aug 22): That our lawmakers will pass laws to ensure that proper, dignified medical care is available for all who are in need, especially the poor and the elderly.

Day 9 (Aug 23): That God might look with favor on my special intentions.

~~taken from a prayer card from the Sacred Heart League

Loving and tender God, touch my heart with hope. Touch my mind with clarity; touch my soul with peace. And, touch my body with the warmth of Your healing Presence. Grant me courage to face the future, insight to understand life's trials, wisdom to discern how I can touch the lives of others, and the comfort of persons who care about me as I reach for Your loving Hands. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Taken from:

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